School Association

An Association is made up of the parents, staff and community members of a school.

The purpose of an Association is to provide members with a way to participate and be involved in supporting the school.

The Association for each school has been established under the Education Act 2016 (Tas).

The Association works with the Principal to achieve shared outcomes for learners and the whole school.

Associations participate in:

  • development of school policies, school improvement plans and the formulation of school objectives, priorities, strategic directions and values
  • planning the financial arrangements to support these objectives
  • evaluating the school’s performance to achieve those objectives, priorities, strategic directions and values
  • the selection process of a Principal, where a permanent vacancy exists
  • fostering the value and benefits of education
  • encouraging co-operation among teachers, students, parents and the school community
  • raising funds to benefit the school.

Family Committee

The Family Committee is a sub-committee of the School Association.

The objectives of the sub-committee is to organise functions in order to raise funds for the benefit of the students.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these monthly meetings which are advertised in the newsletter and on Facebook.

Kitchen Garden

All Grade 3/4 and 5/6 classes enjoy sessions in both the garden and the kitchen. Each class will be timetabled a regular garden class and a kitchen class in selected terms. Students grow, harvest, prepare and share nutritious food together in our kitchen garden and purpose built kitchen. Parent volunteers are vital for the success of the program.

Launching into Learning (LiL) and Early Learning/Pre-Kinder

We offer a range of programs which cater for all children from birth to age 4 from the Summerdale area. These programs are run on a weekly basis for both children and parents. They aim to build confidence in the school setting and provide children with a range of focused learning activities. Please contact the school office for more information about these programs.

Term 1 2020 Brochure can be downloaded here or visit our LIL Facebook Page


Our school has a part time chaplain working Tuesday and Wednesdays.

The chaplaincy role is tremendously varied.  It is the less specialized side of student support. It includes things like friendship issues, second hand uniform coordination and low level emotional support.  For those requiring more professional services the school also has a Social Worker, Psychologist and Speech Pathologist.

Services offered by the chaplain include small group programs like Inside Out 4 Kids which is for those students that have recently experienced a loss or death in their family. Happy Bags is designed to encourage individuals to find happiness within themselves rather than from external sources. Schools are busy and exciting places for many students but some find the noise, friendships or even the intensity, challenging. Chaplaincy services are for children that gain comfort from an adult coming along side to be a friend. If you would like more information about chaplaincy please email or leave a message at the school office, phone 6344 5333

Sara Roe